New role for Lisa in Scarlett

A film that will turn heads.

Lisa Chappell is returning to the screen in a role that’s a long way from Drovers Run.

After spending a few years working on stage, the former McLeod’s Daughters star has just completed a new supernatural thriller movie titled Scarlett. She plays a bikie ex-con turned exorcist.

To play spiritual cleanser Linda Dee, Lisa had to get in touch with her darker side and get a dramatic new look to match.

“She’s a damaged soul, but has become a warrior of light,” Lisa, 47, explains. “She’s called in to help when a couple move into a house and find it’s haunted.

“She’s up against a major force of evil with this one.”

Scarlett, filmed on the NSW far north coast, stars Kendal Rae, Jake Ryan and Goran D Kleut. It’s scheduled for release next year.

Source – TV Week

4 thoughts on “New role for Lisa in Scarlett

  • carol a doherty

    August 25, 2016 at 7:18 am

    will it be possible to see it in the U. S. ?

  • As far as I know, they want the movie to be in cinemas worldwide. I believe they said something about going to the Berlin Movie Festival with it, and that is huge so there should be a fair chance people in US can watch it as well.

  • Would Lisa ever consider having fan meets in the US, specifically Oregon?

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