Starring  Lisa Chappell and Paul Glover

Directed by Janice Finn

Tadpole Productions brings you this clever play for two actors by well-known English actor and playwright, Jim Cartwright.  Set in a rundown local pub it takes the audience through a spectrum of human emotion, giving intimate insights into the lives of the colourful pub regulars.

Two great actors play fourteen characters, from the bantering and bickering publican and his wife to a womanising would-be Lothario and his long suffering girlfriend.  There’s the ‘other woman’, hiding behind her sunglasses, trying to drum up courage to confront her married lover; the old man who takes quiet comfort in his memories of his late wife; the fat couple who come to the pub to eat crisps and watch TV; while a buttoned up headmistress type reveals her secret lust for “big men”.  In a series of sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, yet always incredibly human vignettes, each character or couple reflects fragments of ourselves as the play mines the depths of human experience.

You will laugh, you will cry – and you may need a drink……

Oct 26 – Nov 5

Pumphouse Theatre