Below you will find archived news updates, we have felt it important to keep them on the site as they show the lead up to Lisa releasing her CD. It has been a wonderful journey, one that many fans have watched and shared in. Although some of the text may appear to be written in the present tense please keep in mind these pages are just ‘archives’ and recall past events.

To purchase Lisa’s CD please head over to the main domain and visit Lisa’s Music Page


The HOPE CD will be released December 9th, in New York.
Big Congratulations to Lisa!! Lisa’s song ‘When Then Is Now’ has been selected to be on a world wide peace compilation CD, called HOPE: LOVE IS THE ANSWER.
Lisa’s songs have featured for successive weeks on the German radio station, these charts are independant to the station, and are voted by the fans. To place your votes for Lisa visit, you can click on the voten link alongside the songs listed for Lisa. This is wonderful exposure for Lisa, as the top 10 – 20 songs get played each week.
Lisa is very thankful to her fans for their voting and support, and has thanked everyone several times through blogs, and messages.

The Brass Monkey gig, for WOW (Women on Wednesdays) has been reschedueled, and Lisa will appear at the Headline act on the final WOW for the night, Wednesday 6th December, however the 12th October show has been postponed, with a new date yet to be announced, keep your eyes on Lisa’s Music site for news about a new date to come..
Lisa will be featured at the Australia Fair in the Netherlands where they are auctioning off some signed cds to help raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill, Australia. The event celebrates the 400 year relationship between the Netherlands and Australia (remember it was called Van Diemen’s Land !) and the event is held at the Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For more information you can log onto
Lisa is also a featured artist on Tasman Discoveries , a site dedicated to promoting Australian music in the Netherlands. They also have a stand at the Fair and will be selling Lisa’s cd on the day.
For more information on any of this, please visit Lisa’s music site

Very exciting news for Lisa is that she will be supporting Wendy Matthews in for two shows in October. Check out for more info.
New Gigs scheduled for 30th August and 12th October, Brass Monkey, Cronulla. Visit for all the details.

Lisa’s album was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 14th July 2006. It is available in Saturn stores, and most good retailers.
If you live in Germany you are encouraged to contact your local radio stations and request, “Pheromone City”. Many of Lisa’s songs have been played on the radio in Germany already, on various stations. We have been told to let people know that “Pheromone City” is the song to request if you are in Germany. For Australian radio you are still asked to request “Love’s Around the Corner”.
For all up to date news on how Lisa’s album is going overseas, keep an eye on Lisa’s music site

~June 27th
Lisa’s album “when then is now” will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 14th July 2006. This is very exciting news for Lisa, and fans in these countries. The album will be available in Saturn Stores, and all good retailers. For all news please keep an eye on Lisa’s music site

~June 7th
More Gigs listed for Lisa, including her New Zealand Launch for “When Then Is Now”!! Visit Lisa’s Music site for all the info
Lisa Chappell is listed as a featured artist on the myspace music page! Congrats Lisa Myspace Music
Lisa will also be attending and performing at this years CareFlight Bare Bear Ball, some of you may remember Lisa attended this event last year. Well it is all set to happen again, but this time Lisa will be performing too! For more details of the night, check out the Care Flight page of this site.

~June 5th
We have started a new page for promotional aides for Lisa’s CD. These can be used by all fans to help promote Lisa’s CD in your area. Please visit our CD Promo Page for more details

~May 24th
Lisa’s interview with Marty and Erica will be heard on i98fm on Friday the 26th May sometime before 9am

~May 14th
Lisa will appear at The Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW on the 27th May 2006. For more details visit Lisa’s site

~May 1st
When then IS Now!! Lisa Chappell’s debut album is now available for sale!! We know how long you have all waited to see those words. Well today is the day, you can order the album online via Lisa’s site , and you can also make enquiries in Australian Stores.
Leading Edge Stores in Adelaide will be stocking the album, and we will let you know of any others as they come to hand. In the meantime you can all do your bit to get the album in stores. Ring your local music store and ask about the album, it is distributed via MGM Distribution, and the more enquiries that are made in stores, the more chance there is that they will stock it!

~April 30th
~ Lisa to appear on the Bob Rogers Radio Show, Australian Radio 2CH, on Monday 1st May 2006 at 10.20am.
~ Lisa to appear on the Today Show, Channel Nine Australia, on Thursday 4th May 2006.

~April 29th
The LCMC (Lisa Chappell Music Club) is now live!!

~April 20th
~ A number of articles have been in the Australian Newspapers, in which Lisa has talked about her upcoming album. Please visit our articles page to view these.

~April 2nd
~ Tickets on Sale Now for Lisa’s Album Launch, to be held at The Vanguard, Sydney 26th April 2006

~March 16th
~ Lisa records interview for Qantas Inflight program.
~ New promo banners added, please visit the CD Promo page for the banners and instructions.

~ March 2006
We would like to announce the release date for Lisa Chappell’s Official Music site. The site,, will go live on the 6th March 2006. As soon as it goes live, we will link to it from our index page, as we have done with the myspace!! This is very exciting, and yet another step in the amazing journey to the release of the CD.
The other exciting thing we have to tell you, is that Lisa’s first radio single, ‘Love’s Around the Corner’ will also be released to radio on the 6th March 2006. This is brilliant news for Lisa, and you will all have the chance to request the song. We will post a ‘request’ link as soon as one is available. In the meantime, please if you are in Australia, you need to ring your local radio station and request the song “Love’s Around the Corner” by Lisa Chappell. You can hear a snippet of the song on Sounds Like Cafe
The News you have all be waiting for, the release date for the album. We can tell you that “When Then Is Now” will be released for sale on the 29th April 2006 online and 1st May in Australian stores! More details of how you can all purchase a copy are still to come, we will update as soon as we are given the go ahead. Obviously details will be given on Lisa’s official site, and you will be able to order through there.
So as you can all see, it has been a very busy and exciting time for Lisa, we wish her every success with the launch of her album. We will continue to update you all as often as we can, and we encourage you to get behind Lisa and this album, tell your friends and family, tell everyone!

“Lisa Chappell – When Then is Now – add it to the shopping list!!”

~ February 2006
We would like to congratulate Lisa on some fantastic news!!
One of Lisa’s songs has been chosen to be on the Pop disc, on volume 8 of the annual AIR Compilation for 2006.
AIR is the Association of Independent Record Labels and the compilation is distributed nationally and internationally, at trade fairs including MIDEM(France), Popkomm(Germany), large international events and festivals, plus dedicated national distribution and promotion to Australian radio, music and industry.
The song that has been chosen to be on this album is titled “Love’s Around the Corner”.
This is fantastic news for Lisa and her singing career…Congratulations to you Lisa, may this bring you the success you truly deserve!! What a way to start 2006!

~ January 2006
As you are all well aware, Lisa has been very busy working on her first CD “When Then is Now”, and things are moving along really well. We have some news to share with you all about it’s progress.
Lisa is in the process of working with her manager, to get her music site up and running, and it will be through the new site that you will be able to purchase the CD. As soon as we have the release date of the new site we will post it here, and send out an email update.
The artwork is in the process of being finalised, and it is now possible for you to preview some of her songs! We have been given permission to post the cover art here for you to see, and you can also preview this and more artwork, plus four songs online at Lisa’s myspace site.
We will update with more info when we are given the go ahead, and as it all comes to hand.


~ Nov – Lisa spoke of her CD during the interview we did with her. She has made mention of the fact that the CD will be released some time next year. If you would like to view the interview and hear what she had to say, please visit the interview page.

~ 4th August – Lisa has informed us of the title of her album. It is called “When Then is Now”
Lisa also asked us to help her with a survey to get an idea of who would be interested in buying a copy of the CD should it be released to fans before it hits the shops. Thank you to all who filled in the survey, it has now closed, we will compile results and pass them on to Lisa.

~ 25th July – Below is a personal message from Lisa on the progress of the CD

Hi everyone,
A wee up-date on the progress of the cd. Rick Price, my producer is finishing the mix of all the tracks and we master on the 10th which is the final stage of the recording process. I have just signed off on the artwork, which is very exciting. Once it’s mastered I start the rounds looking for a manager and once that’s done we do the rounds of the record companies. I love the cd and I hope you all do too. The kiwis may get to hear some soon on The Tem Show and also possibly on the Intrepid Journey TV show I did where I trekked round Malaysia – so keep an eye out for those.
Thanks for all your support and patience.
Have a lovely day,
Lisa x

~April of 2005 – We were lucky enough to visit Lisa in the recording studio, and had the chance to hear some of her songs, on of which is on the preview site. We were also able to take some pictures during the visit, you can view the pictures but please do not copy these pictures.. They were taken by us with permission to be used on this website for our purposes only, they are copyright to us, and are not to be edited or used on any other website or anywhere else on the net. Thank you.
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Lisa’s style of music is hard to classify exactly, but we guess you could call it *contemporary folk*. It is close to a modern form of 60s type folk… very much music with story telling. Lisa has written all the lyrics herself.. and we are not being biased when we say they sound wonderful. We will be very excited to hear the finished product!
Lisa worked with Rick Price on the production of her album, and Rick is a well know Australian Singer/Songwriter, and has many accomplishment under his belt, which not only include his own albums, but also he has worked with many other artists.

~ 16th May – Word from Lisa on the 16th May is that she is half way through recording her songs at the moment, and things are still well on track.