The Pink Hammer

Warning: Women in the man-cave!

Buried in the dark depths of many homes, the man cave, that wonderful refuge, has long provided a space for men to be men while offering a momentary escape from the trials of family life.

But for Woody, this shrine to masculinity has been invaded in the most incomprehensible way possible… with the appearance of 4 women in his workshop.

Looking for empowerment and sisterhood, Amanda, Helen, Louise and Siobhan, turn up to The Pink Hammer – a women’s only woodworking course. But when Maggie the instructor disappears they find themselves left with a disgruntled Kiwi bloke, Woody, unwilling to let them play with his tools. Undeterred, the fearsome foursome meets immovable object with neither side giving in, and it’s not long before the woodchips fly.

“Against the odds unlikely friendships arise and together they learn to build a bridge and get over it. Thursday nights in West End will never be the same.”

Our stellar cast includes Lisa Chappell (McLeod’s Daughters), Annie Whittle (Outrageous Fortune), Louise Wallace (Real Housewives of Auckland), Darien Takle (Shortland Street) and Paul Glover (800 Words) as Woody

Writer, Michele Amas has spent most of her working life acting and directing for notable theatre, radio and television shows. During this time her writing has been published in key journals, and she has won and been nominated for a number of distinguished literary awards. Amas describes The Pink Hammer as “Outrageous, laughter filled and heart-warming. If you’re looking for a great night out The Pink Hammer hits the nail on the head.”

Source Pump House