The Cult

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Lisa played the role of Sophie on the NZ Television program The Cult, it was aired both in New Zealand and Australia, check your guides for any re-runs. Please find more information and pictures below.


Character: Sophiepg-sophie

Physically fit, very intense and driven, Sophie is a deprogrammer who has been hired to retrieve and de-programme a member of Two Gardens.

She keenly intelligent and recognises the use the Liberators might have for her in achieving her goal. She assumes a casual exterior when dealing with the Liberators to get them onside.

Her acquaintances tend to be superficial, as she’s never really able to reveal her true self. Because Sophie’s true self is vengeful, calculating, manipulative and very, very dangerous for the Liberators…


TV Show: The Cult – New Zealand Drama

Great Souther Television – Aired Thursdays at 8.30pm TV2 New Zealand

pg-thelliberatorsYears ago, twenty-somethings Jenni, Andy, and brothers Ryan and Nathan, disappeared from around the world without warning and with no trace. Now, suddenly and mysteriously, their families have been alerted to their existence in a secret, isolated cult, hidden deep in the New Zealand bush.

Two Gardens, founded and lead by the charismatic Edward North, is a rogue offshoot of Momentum, a 20,000-strong international organization, which offers spiritual fulfillment and “family” in a world of disaffection and despair.
In a run down house near Two Gardens, the families, all strangers, plot to rescue their loved ones from Two Gardens, fearing that they’re in grave danger. They are our Liberators:  Michael, a successful but jaded lawyer, Gina, a Sydney receptionist, Daniel, a UK stock broker, Frances and Harris Seger, a married couple from England who have brought Hugo an ex-SAS bodyguard, and Annabelle, a doctor from Auckland. 
But reclaiming the people they’ve lost isn’t going to be easy. Everyone in Two Gardens has renounced their families, friends and all contact with the outside world, which they see as corrupt and impure. To them, Two Gardens is their home, a paradise, and Edward North is the loving “father” of their family.
A car crash, a missing person, a violent attack and a death threat make it very clear to the families that Edward North will hold on to his followers no matter what. They soon discover why.  Edward and the enigmatic doctor, Cynthia Ross, have plans to change the world. Plans that put the lives of everybody in Two Gardens in danger. Can the families rescue their loved ones before it’s too late? Before the day of The Commencement?