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In August  2004, Lisa Chappell appeared in 8 episodes of Stingers playing the character of Megan Walsh.

Lisa enjoyed playing the role of Megan Walsh, and said she was a ‘juicy’ ‘fun’ character to play.

Below you will find the list of episodes Lisa appeared in, some photos and reviews from 3 of the episodes.

Episode List
~ Episode 176 “The Complete Package”
~ Episode 177 “The Contract”
~ Episode 178 “Vanished”
~ Episode 179 “Mea Culpa”
~ Episode 180 “Past Lives”
~ Episode 181 “I am the Walrus”
~ Episode 185 “Being Josh Brisbane”
~ Episode 186 “End Game”


Lisa Chappell – Stingers – ep176

The Complete Package
Lisa Chappell played the part of Megan Walsh
Screened 3rd August 2004

Brief Summary.

This episode is the first appearance of Lisa Chappell’s character Megan Walsh, and right from the beginning she is an intriguing character.

Megan fist appears on the screen during a scene in the office of Reg Masters, from drug squad. Drug squad are conducting an operation and they have called undercover in. Megan Walsh is spoken about before she actually enters the room. Megan is a senior detective with the drug squad, and has put a lot of time into the investigation of a major player Ethan Stein (played by John Stanton). The two departments are going to work together on the case.

Peter Church goes undercover as a drug dealer. Investigations lead them to a pub that Stein owns, where a meeting between Church & Stein takes place. Outside in the van, Reg, Megan & Harris listen in. There is a problem with Church’s wire, and they need to get a replacement in to him. Megan steps up to the plate, and heads into the pub. Timing couldn’t be worse, Stein turns up at the pub. This is where Megan shows the potential of an undercover agent, and with out a seconds thought, she covers well.. and impresses everyone on the team with her quick thinking and actions.

Harris wastes no time asking her to join the undercover team. Megan is not convinced, so declines the offer.

Things become tricky with the case, when the informant turns up dead, and it is discovered that Stein’s wife is a former partner of Church. Anna ( Stein’s wife) decides that she will help the undercover team, and offers to do anything they ask. Church drives to a location to meet Anna for some information, meanwhile Megan and the undercover team have Stein under surveillance. He manages to give them the slip, and heads to the park where Church & Anna are meeting… he has been tipped off.

The undercover team work out what he is up to and head over there… just in the nick of time! Stein has a gun to Church and is about to kill him, when he is shot from behind. Megan stands holding the gun. She has come to the aid of Church, and prevented him from being killed.

Back at the station, Megan is again approached by Harris and asked to join the undercover unit. This time she accepts. She finds Church alone in the office, and after some chatter they decide to have dinner together. On the way they stop at a pub for Megan to pick up some wine… however that is not all she picks up! Some money changes hands in a very underhanded discreet way… what is Megan up to.. there is a lot more to this character than meets the eye………

Stingers – ep177

The Contact
Lisa Chappell played the part of Megan Walsh
Screened 10th August 2004

Brief Summary.

Church had been out on a job, and when he arrived back at the base Megan was there… she had been on her undercover training after agreeing to join the undercover team. Megan was keen to get to work, and informed Harris that she had numerous contacts from her work in the drug squad. He gives her a case to look over that had gone cold when their informant had gone missing. She is looking over the files when Church & Gray enter the office and are discussing a case they are working on.

They are working on a case to try and uncover some one called “The Coyote”… their informant has been leading them astray to try and string out his informant payments. Eventually the informant tells them who “The Coyote” is, and a meeting is set up, as he wants a special job done. The special job turns out to be the murder of his wife. The undercover team approach his wife and tell her what is happening, after some convincing she decides to go along with their plan to stage her murder. Gray & Church go to the house to take pictures of the staged murder… they are unaware that The Coyote has actually gone to the house too. He doesn’t see anything other than Gray with the wife, he assumes they are having an affair. He takes pictures on his mobile & then goes back to his office. He calls Church to the office, and tells him that he now wants another murder done. He now wants Gray murdered to, Church agrees to do that, and they set about staging Gray’s murder also. They set the wife up in a hotel until the case is finished. Gray takes a bit of a shine to the wife, and decides to pay her a visit at the hotel room they have put her up in. When he arrives there, he is surprised to find another man with her.

Things get even more complicated when Church goes to collect final payment from The Coyote, and is then accused of also having an affair with the wife. Things get heated and he pulls out a gun, Gray & Leo are forced to come in as back up… needless to say The Coyote is somewhat surprised to see Gray alive and well! The Coyote is taken back to the station for questioning… it is at this time we learn that he is not “The Coyote” at all… another false lead from the informant. “The Coyote” is actually Donald’s brother Steve… who happens to be the man Gray had found at the hotel room the night before.

An operation is put in place to set Steve up… Donald agrees to help, in a effort to help his own case, but is someone trying to sabotage this plan?? The bust is going to plan, and under close watch buy the undercover squad Donald meets with his brother to do a deal. Things go wrong when Donald pulls a gun on his brother. He is told to put the gun down, but refuses to, he is ranting at his brother, accusing him of having an affair and trying to set him up etc etc. Donald is getting rather irate and loosing control. He is still pointing the gun at his brother and is about to pull the trigger… at this point a shot is fired.. but not from Donald.. it comes from elsewhere in the factory. Megan has shot and killed Donald. Steve is taken in to custody.. only to be let out later, after he fingers his brother as “The Coyote” and without proof that it isn’t the case, the police are left with no option but to let him go.

Megan is in the locker room taking time to herself when Church approaches. They have a conversation about the events, and the shooting. He asks Megan if she would like to go out for a bite to eat & a talk. She says she just wants to go home, curl up and have a good cry…. but does she do that??…..Seems there is a lot more to learn about Megan than was first thought. She doesn’t go home at all.. in fact she goes out and meets up with Steve!! What is Megan up to.

Lisa Chappell – Stingers – ep178

Lisa Chappell played the part of Megan Walsh
Screened 17th August 2004
Brief Summary.

Megan goes on an undercover bust with Flynn. She is posing as drug dealer “Sheena”, Flynn is posing as her partner and has set up the deal. Things are going as planned and Sheena takes the drugs and places them in the boot of the car. At which point the back up arrives and all are arrested as planned. The problem only comes later when it is discovered that the ‘drugs’ were in fact nothing but icing sugar… or where they?? Flynn is place under investigation by internal affairs as he was the one to lodge the evidence. The rest of the team are working on a missing girl case.

Megan is assigned to hang out in the pub from which the girl went missing. Her and Church are assigned to the task together, Angie is also working the pub, she has a job as bar maid. Evidence is leaning toward the bar manager having something to do with the disappearance of the girl.. who’s name is Claire. She was last seen at the pub with her boyfriend.

Angie has finished work for one shift and is heading home, she goes out to the front of the hotel and catches a cab, while Church & Megan continue to hang at the pub. While Angie is in the cab she begins to feel uncomfortable with some of the questions & statements the cabbie is making. Her comfort levels sink even lower when the cabbie suddenly locks the door. Angie goes into a state of panic, and screams at the driver that she is a police officer and orders him to stop the car. He does so and she gets out. Later while explaining what had happened, Angie is cross that she didn’t stay calm during the ordeal… everyone wonders if they are looking in the right direction on the case of the disappearance. Could this cabbie have something to do with it?

He is investigate, but they don’t find anything on him. So their focus goes back to the pub manager, especially after Claire’s  jacket turns up in his closet earlier in the investigation. He claims that the found it, and thought his girlfriend would like it, but that story isn’t ringing true either. Seems dead ends are at every turn.. and time is running out, Claire has been missing for days now, not just hours.

While Megan & Church are sitting having a beer at the pub Megan receives a call, and is needed back at the office for questioning about the missing drugs. Church offers to drive her, but she tells him to stay there and she would catch a cab. As she is about to get into the cab she recognizes the cabbie as being the one under investigation earlier. Megan still gets into the cab, but with some quick clever thinking she dials Church’s number and hides the phone. She plays up to the cabbie, seeing what she can get out of him. He is falling into Megan’s trap. Church can hear what is going on, and him & Angie are together in a car trying to follow Megan’s lead to find them. Megan convinces the cabbie to pull over, and she hints to Church where they are. Church & Angie approach the area the cab is parked.. Church wants to jump out and save Megan, but Angie convinces him to stay put.. that “Megan knows what she is doing, lets see what she can get out of him”.

Megan is close to getting a confession out of him due to some very clever conversation and leading, when he finds the phone. Megan tries to play dumb, acting as though she didn’t realise it was on. Church panics and approaches the cab… he is fearful for Megan’s safety, not sure what this guy is capable. Megan’s face says it all.. she had worked so hard, and she was so close.. and Church turning up blew it all!

Megan is not happy later to learn that the cabbie is released.. he claimed he was only saying what he thought Megan wanted to hear, and that he had nothing to do with the disappearance. Everything is turning up clear for the pub manager, however they can not really investigate the cab driver any further, as he is aware the police are on to him. They decide to take a step back, but watch him carefully. Megan & Flynn are both cleared in the case of the missing drugs, another unsolved mystery.

Later Megan & Church are sharing a beer and their relationship moves another step.. they are getting closer to each other. They share a passionate kiss. Is this the beginning of something?