McLeod’s Daughters

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Lisa Chappell played the role of Claire McLeod for 3 seasons of McLeod’s Daughters on the nine network, during which time she touched the hearts and souls of many fans.

Lisa ended her role as Claire McLeod in the third season of the show which in 2003 in Australia, however many countries are still seeing season 3 and earlier. Please read below for brief summaries of the seasons. You can also view our albums containing screen captures from the show.

McLeod’s Daughters – Season One

Season One began in a way that drew you in, you knew you were hooked from that very first moment, the wide open space, the animals, and THAT unforgetable smile! The moment Lisa Chappell appeared on our screens as Claire McLeod, is something many will never forget.

To cement that even more, if we weren’t hooked enough, the performace of Lisa Chappell in episode 5 “Taking the Reins” had us hook line and sinker. This episode showed the true brillance of Lisa’s acting ability, and had us waiting for each new episode.

In the first season we watch Claire go through many changes, and Lisa did a brilliant job of portraying the character. Claire’s long lost sister Tess arrived on the doorstep unannounced, and some would wonder if she was unwelcome. Claire didn’t know how to deal with Tess arriving like that, and rightly so she felt threatend.

We saw Claire get to know Tess, and they began to form a bond. It took Claire a long time to realise that she didn’t have to go through everything alone, and it was a wonderful journey to watch.

We also loved to watch Alex and Claire together… from that very first “Well, you’re a Claire” we wanted them together! They were the best of mates, but everyone could see there was the potential for so much more also.

Season One is a favourite because we saw Claire go through so much, we laughed with her and we cried with her, and tuning in to each episode was a must… and we still pull the DVD’s out now so many years after that first episode aired!

McLeod’s Daughters – Season Two

In Season Two we saw Claire fall in love… not with Alex!! As much as we would have liked Claire to wake up to her love for Alex, she didn’t, instead she fell head over heels for Peter Johnson.

We watched the romance grow, and then we watched it fall. We all felt Claire’s pain when she learned of Peter’s betrayal. The line “No one has ever died of a broken heart before…… have they?” cut deep, we all wanted to tell Claire it would be ok.

Wanting to help ease the pain we all sat on the edge of our seats waiting for Tess to return home again to look after Claire. She needed to be pulled out of her depression, and what better way than with the return again of Tess and the birth of a new foal, Phoenix.

Towards the end of the season we saw Claire learn she was to become a mother. We also saw Alex step up and say he was the father, of course we knew this wasn’t true… but what a bloke hey!?

Then the accident… hearts in mouths we watched Claire come off her horse, we were left wondering until the next season if she would be ok, if the baby would be ok.

Season Three DVD Competition – Now Closed

In February of 2005 we were very excited to be offered the chance to run a competition for the McLeod’s Daughters Season 3 DVD release. We were offered 3 boxed sets, and then later the prize pool was increased to include 5 McLeod’s Daughters Soundtracks Vol1.

This was a wonderful competition, and attracted a lot of entries, Lisa was kind enough to judge it for us, and sign the prizes.

McLeod’s Daughters – Season Three

Fairy Tale Ending is the name of the first ep of Season 3 and so much takes place in this first ep, it was such a roller coaster ride!

Seeing Claire come home was one of our favourite scenes from the first ep. To see the look in her eye as she looked over Drovers from the distance.

Season 3 also sees the introduction of one of our soon to be favourite characters Dave Brewer the vet. The scene in this pic was the product of a brilliant Dave quote “Turn it up, We’re taking over!” In response to Tess after she indicated she thought men like him were extinct.

We saw a more grown up and worldly Jodi arrives home from her overseas trip, and begin to plan her life with Alberto all over again. This character develops so much during Season 3, it is a fun ride.

The first of many defining moments for Claire & Alex was what transpired right before this warm & gentle kiss on the cheek by Claire. This couple have such an amazing ride in front of them them this season, so too do the viewers!

What became one of our favourite “sister” moments between Claire & Tess, as they stood in front of the mirror in this scene, to us it was a very defining moment of their relationship. It showed how far it had come since the very first episode in which they were reunited.

No body could guess the events that would take place after this picture is taken, nor could they imagine the effect it would have. One thing is for sure, it changes the lives of the Ryans for ever!

The magical moment of the birth finally arrives, and we are all introduced to, and fall in love with BOM (Baby Of McLeod). This is such a milestone for the character of Claire, and the episode is very touching, and very Claire. It ranks amongst our favourite episodes of the Season.

Most of us already know the events that transpired during the rest of the Season, there were many many magical moments, and one horrifically tragic one. Season 3 brings to an end one of the most amazing journeys for the character of Claire McLeod. We all fell in love with the character, and we all mourn her loss… but we will never forget Claire, nor the journey we all took with her, and the way she touched our lives.

Claire’s Hat & Boots

After leaving McLeod’s Daughters, Lisa was able to keep a few things from the show, two of those things were her Hat & Boots. Lisa was going to keep them for charity, but was approached by the Screen & Sound Archives with a request for them. After a lot of thought, Lisa decided she would donate them to the archives, so that everyone could have a chance to see them if they wish.

They are stored and preserved at the head office in Canberra. The feature from time to time in TV & Film exhibitions.

The other question that is answered with this information is, what type of hat Claire wore! The official description of these items is as follows.

Brown felt — plaited leather brown and black triple strand hat band — ‘Snowy River’ style Akubra — size 56

Pair of brown leather boots — R.M. Williams brand, elastic sided — size 7 1/2 G WF