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April 7, 2019
Tadpole Productions

Lisa's next project coming to Pump House Theatre in May 2019.

New Zealand in the late 1970s was another planet – big hair, bell bottom trousers, carless days – and cheese fondue the dish du jour…..

We are pleased to announce our first production of 2019, ... See more

March 17, 2019

December 7, 2018
Acting Star Lisa Chappell's Beauty Routine - Viva

Thanks for the heads up on this one Kurt.
Ever wondered what Lisa's beauty routine looks like...well here are the answers 🙂 ... See more

We talk transformation with Kiwi actor Lisa Chappell, who effortlessly mixes glamour and relatability.

November 25, 2018
'Bigger than Ben-Hur': Why Lisa Chappell nearly quit Shorty St: The Musical

Wonderful audio interview with Lisa. Sounds like she is having a blast on Shortland Street - The Musical. Despite some earlier trepidations, she is enjoying it so much! ... See more

Signing up to Shortland Street: The Musical may seem like a sure thing, but for star Lisa Chappell, she wasn’t quite so certain. The tribute to the long r

November 22, 2018

"and acting veterans Lisa Chappell and Mark Hadlow command the stage with strong performances."

Wonderful reviews coming in about Shortland Street, The Musical. Very envious of those who are able to ... See more

Shortland St the Musical. Was that a sharp intake of breath? What madness is this? At least, that was my reaction when I first heard that this show was being developed into a full-length musical ... See more

November 21, 2018
Shortland Street - The Musical

Sounds like the audience loves the show! Wonderful video 🙂

Oh the glamour!
Opening Night on Saturday was a delight - check out our Red Carpet TV for a star studded guest parade, and what they thought of the show 🙂

November 19, 2018
Cringe factor theatre gold for Shortland Street musical

Thanks for pointing this one out Kurt 🙂

"The quality of the songs and production numbers will appeal to any audience member not familiar with the TV show. But it's fans of Shortland Street, old ... See more

Is Shortland Street the quintessential Kiwi musical we’ve been craving?

November 18, 2018
Shortland Street - The Musical

‘A perfect, entertaining, rib-tickling night at the theatre’

‘A perfect, entertaining, rib-tickling night at the theatre’ - NZ Herald

To book tickets to the show in Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch, Blenheim, New Plymouth, Wellington, Hamilton and ... See more

November 6, 2018
Shortland Street - The Musical

Just one week until showtime! Have you got your tickets?

Notes after a run. In the theatre now - just a week to go until showtime!

November 6, 2018
McLeod’s Daughters stars reflect on the tragic death of Claire McLeod

Hard to believe that it is coming up to 15 years since the "Death of Claire Mcleod"! Some days it feels like longer, other times it feels like yesterday. So permanently etched it our minds.

This is ... See more

On October 15, 2003, viewers held their breath as a ute teetered on the edge of a cliff.

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