Short Films

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On this page you will find information about various short films Lisa has been part of, this information may include summaries, photos and/or links to view the films. We will add to this page with any new short films along the way. Scroll through the page to read the information and view the galleries at the bottom of the page.

Beneath the Tides – 2009

Beneath the Tides was a short film shot in 2007. It was screened as part of the 2008 St Kilda Film Festival.

Director: Jacqueline Archer
Producer: Jo Rose
Screen Writer: Jacqueline Archer
Principal Cast: Lisa Chappell, Damien De Montemas, Jon Sivewright, Brianna Harris, Kylie Harris, Justine West.

A woman on the brink of giving up – burdened with depression and haunted by memories, she must decide the conclusion to her own fate-ridden tale. A beautiful and uplifting story about grief. Healing and survival.

Parking Nazi 1998 – Short Film

In 1998 Lisa had a role in the short film ‘Parking Nazi’, she played the role of a police officer.


Cast – Aaron Ward, Angela Dotchin, Lisa Chappell, Maggie Harper, Darren McDonald
Director – Steve Thomas
Producers – Steve Thomas, John Givins
Writer –  Steve Thomas

Story – A nice guy in a nasty job, a day in the life of a parking inspector. New Zealand short film.

Dirty Dave – Short Film – 1995

With Special thanks to Lisa for this one, we are able to bring you a few pics from a short film Lisa had a part in from 1995.

Story – This is a quirky little short film, about a shop assistant named Lucy (Lisa Chappell). The film swaps between scenes that are actually happening, and scenes that are playing out in Lucy’s head.

Lucy has something going with her boss in the supermarket, but he is nothing short of a sleeze. In reality, Lucy is a shy young girl, who doesn’t say much. But the scenes as they play out in her head, are quite different…lol.

What goes on in her head, directly relates to who is around, and things that happen, except for the fact that Lucy is a tough cowgirl.

Very tongue in cheek, and quirky, but quite funny.

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