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Lisa plays the role of Mrs Sheppard in the Tele Feature – Jean, produced by Lippy Pictures, due to air on TVOne later this year. Visit the website and facebook for more information.

In the 1930s, New Zealand’s Jean Batten stood alongside Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson as one of the most glamorous aviatrixes in the world. Her record-breaking solo flights across the world were legendary. Her courage was extraordinary. Her navigational ability was extraordinary. Her instinct was extraordinary.

Despite the increasing risks and the loss of so many of her fellow fliers, Batten kept going, and she kept succeeding. New Zealand could not be more proud of their Hine-o-te Rangi (Daughter of the Skies).

Yet the perfectly cultivated public persona hid some personal demons, hinted at by her sudden disappearances and periods of reclusion.

 The true story of Jean Batten is of a daughter determined to live up to a powerful mother, desperate to leave a mark on the world – and prepared to go to the ends of the earth to do so.

This is the story of JEAN.

 Director: Robert Sarkies

Writers: Paula Boock & Donna Malane

Cinematographer: Ginny Loane
Designer: Mark Robins
Costume: Kirsty Cameron

 Starring Kate Elliott, Miranda Harcourt, Michael Whalley
Made with the assistance of TVNZ and NZOA’s Platinum Fund.

Source – Lippy Pictures