Coffin Rock


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Ultrafilms Pty Ltd
Producers Ayisha Davies, David Lightfoot
Executive Producer Piers Tempest
Director/writer Rupert Glasson
Cast Lisa Chappell, Robert Taylor
Synopsis Coffin Rock is an intimate thriller that honestly explores the dark consequences of choices made to satisfy a basic human desire…a family.

In a desert fishing town, happily married Rob and Jess have been trying to have a baby for three long years and she’s becoming desperate. In a drunken mistake, she sleeps with Evan, a young stranger who comes to town whose interest in her borders on the obsessive.

The day she discovers she is pregnant, Jess’s guilt turns into horror as Evan begins a terrifying transformation from stalker to psychopath, determined to prove paternity of the child and claim Jess for his own.

In the vein of Fatal Attraction and Cape Fear, Coffin Rock is a story of harassment, terror and murder.

Another Synopsis….

Set in a tiny fishing town called Coffin Rock, the uncomfortable sense of isolation is tangible as we follow the story of a seemingly happily married couple – Jess (Lisa Chappell) and Rob (Robert Taylor), whose only strain on their relationship is their unsuccessful attempts to start a family. Whilst Jess, an outgoing woman in her thirties, becomes increasingly frustrated as she hears her biological clock ticking loudly, Rob becomes more brooding as the absence of his wife’s pregnancy represents a massive blow to his ego for a man of his standing in a small community. A united trip to a city IVF clinic changes their lives forever, in more ways than one, when Evan, a male receptionist (Sam Parsonson) becomes instantly fixated on Jess, although neither she nor Rob take any notice of the meek young man behind the desk. Evan accesses their medical files and in no time, arrives in Coffin Rock and lands a job, locally. Jess unwittingly befriends Evan, believing him to be a sweet, although quirky young stranger. She is flattered by his attention, although she remains loyal to Rob as they continue in their plight to have children. When Jess and Rob have an emotion-charged, alcohol-fuelled fight one evening, Evan is waiting for her with open arms and in a moment of heartache and weakness, Jess crosses the point of no return with her admirer. Their clumsy, uncomfortable sexual encounter is cut short by Jess’ overwhelming sense of guilt and when she leaves him to return to her husband, Evan’s outburst of anger over this betrayal unleashes the monster within and his dark, twisted behaviour takes a turn for the worst as he commits a cruel, unredeemable act. His obsession only becomes stronger as Jess continues to reject Evan, trying to pretend nothing ever happened between them, and when word gets around town that Jess is pregnant, Rob’s proud elation is short-lived as Evan’s psychosis reaches fever pitch. One moment of infidelity turns the unassuming town of Coffin Rock into the backdrop for harassment, terror and ultimately, murder.

Coffin Rock is available on DVD