City Life

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In 1996 Lisa appeared in a New Zealand show called City Life. She played the character of Bronwyn Kellett.

city7The basic story focuses around a fancy apartment building called The Pile. A hunky doctor by the name of Damon South (guest star Kevin Smith) is the owner of the building and he lives in the penthouse apartment. All his ten tenants are also his very best friends. This lively gang of hopeful twentysomethings are: Ryan Waters (Charles Mesure), a friendly, gay bartender at the gang’s frequent hang-out bar The Lava Lounge; Stephanie Cox (Laurie Foel), an ice-cold blonde who perceives herself as a serious TV journalist even though she’s only the hostess of a children’s TV show; Bronwyn Kellett (Lisa Chappell), a rich and sexy good-girls that wouldn’t harm a fly; Aaron Kellett (Jack Campbell), Bronwyn’s drug-dealing playboy brother who’s her exact opposite; Gideon Miller (John Freeman), financial whiz and super stud who’s a master with one-night stands; Hugh Campbell (Peter Muller), a talented photographer with bad luck when it comes to women; Kristen Wood (Katrina Browne), a high- spirited, unemployed redhead who loves computers and proudly calls herself a slacker; Wiki Taylor (Michelle Huirama), a beautiful Maori who struggles to become a successful actress; Josh Gribble (Oliver Driver), a tall, stand-up comedian with a hopeless crush on Kristen; and finally Angela Kostapas (Claudia Black), a devoted friend and a talented lawyer who dreams of becoming a partner in her law firm. In the very first episode, all the friends are gathered for Damon’s bachelor party. He is to marry the beautiful Rebekah Tennant (guest star Miranda Harcourt) but none of the others can stand Rebekah, who’s a really viscous girl. However, Damon and Rebekah never make it to the altar as Damon is accidentally run over and killed by a car driven by Angela. In a video testament, he lives the building to all his friends but Rebekah makes waves by announcing that she has claim to the building as she carries Damon’s unborn baby. A fight over the building has developed and that’s just one of the many battles our ten friends have to fight. In addition, they have to deal with drugs, pregnancies, death, emotions, blackmail, psychos and strained family conditions.

city6The fact that all the characters live in the same building, reminds everyone of Melrose Place but the similarities end there. But whereas Melrose Place is a crazy, unrealistic, over-the-top, sensational TV show, City Life is a much more sophisticated and realistic show. It has intrigues and suspense. It has appealing and believable characters but it’s not hysterical. Somehow, City Life manages to find just the right balance between soap hysteria and down to earth realism. I’ve never seen any other soap accomplish this and that, I guess, is what makes this show so unique. Nearly all the storylines are both original well-conceived. The dialogue is sharp, funny and very well-written. The actors deliver these lines convincingly and with strength. City Life easily switches between intrigues, humor, suspense and chilling drama. The look and feel is very hip and trendy. Congratulations on a job well done to the creators, John Barnett and Rachel Lang.

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